Prices for accommodation are quoted in EURO.
Adults 2,70 EUR
Children 7+ (gratis for children up to 7)
1,35 EUR
2,45 EUR
2,45 EUR
3,00 EUR
3,00 EUR
1,35 EUR
1,35 EUR
Sleeping bag
1,35 EUR
Electric connection
2,70 EUR
familiy Kraljevic
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++385 (0)20 871 190
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On a small hill in Slano, in the shade of an ancient olive grove lies the camp-site "Baldo". From the campsite there is a wonderful view over the Bay of Slano, ideal for water-sports, as well as swimming, sunbathing and walking by the sea. The capacity of the campsite is limited to only 30 people plus small children, who stay for free. All the sites are surrounded by the olive grove. The cool afternoon breeze that blows fresh air through the olive branches will make your stay even more pleasent. Facilities for our guests include many outside and inside showers, toilets and wash basins with pleanty of hot water.
Distance from campsite: Beach 350 m, Center with doctors surgery, post office, hotel, cafes, shop and market 400 m.

Slano is located in a beautiful bay 30 km west of Dubrovnik. It has numerous beaches for sunbathing, walking and relaxing, in addition to various other water-sports.

Newly refurbished apartments are located in the house of family Kraljevic. They are equiped with air-conditioning, satellite TV, washing machines and children's cots. There is a pleanty of storage space for beach gear and private parking. For detailed information about these apartments click here.

Camping site "Baldo" is specialy convenient for motorcycles, tents and caravans.

- for period of 5 days and more 10%,
- for period of 12 days and more 15%,
- for 5 motorcycles and more extra 5%.

When making reservations for your accommodation, after you have made arrangements with the owner, it is necessary to pay 20% of the price to the owner's account